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4 Premium Soft Brush heads designed to fit your current electric toothbrush.

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No-more over-paying for your brand name replacement brush heads.

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Our heads will fit your current brush or we'll refund 200% of your purchase price.

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Get the 4 pack now

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Buying my brush heads has never been so easy. I used to spend so much time searching for the best deals in retail stores, but now I needn't look any further than Electroheds.
I was surprised at the quality. I have pretty high standards when it comes to my brushes, and I was really happy with the soft, long lasting bristles.
I always used to forget to buy a new brush. Thanks to the 4 pack of Electroheds, I'm never left hanging - I always have a spare handy.
I like saving money, especially on things that count. Electroheds offers me an unbeatable price, quality brushes, and a guaranteed fit - I couldn't be happier.

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We guarantee our heads will fit your electric toothbrush or we'll refund 200% of your purchase price.

Get the 4 pack now    $12.95